Arab Brain Trust
"Compendium of excellence, expertise and knowledge in various fields across the Arab region and the Arab Diaspora"

The Arab Brain Trust, a cornerstone of Beirut Institute, is an independent, indigenous think tank for the brightest in the Arab region engaged in impacting their future at home and in the world, constructively and with actions for solutions.


In line with Beirut Institute’s objectives to stimulate effective thinking, the Institute initiated the establishment of the Arab Brain Trust to serve as a depository and database of excellence in all fields across the Arab region and the Arab Diaspora. This Brain Trust intends to produce unparalleled ideas for the future of the region and become the address for smart conversations and for matching needs and competencies.


More specifically the purpose of the Arab Brain Trust is to:


  • Produce unparalleled ideas for the future of the Arab region and its place in the world. The main focus will be on solution-oriented, forward-looking options that highlight action plans rather than only identifying challenges and opportunities.
  • Showcase the wealth of knowledge and expertise in a sense of a well-guarded "clearing house."
  • Become the address for smart conversations and for matching needs and competencies.


In 2012, Beirut Institute launched “Conversations with the Future: Perspectives from the Arab Region” whose purpose is to become an incubator of actionable ideas for priorities across the board in the Arab region. Prominent leaders in their own field have submitted their vision and actionable ideas. The Conversation continues, by invitation, online. Members of the Arab Brain Trust will be an important part of this conversation.


In line with Beirut Institute's 40/40, we hope that 40 percent of the community of the Arab Brain Trust will be under age 40.


Board Member Nahla Haidar (Former Director of the Arab Bureau, World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO); Advisory Board Members; Mr. Shahm Al Wir (President of Harvard Arab Alumni Association and Director of Foursan Group); and Ms Nadia Boulifa (Executive Director, Maghreb Economic Forum and Founding Curator, Global Shapers, Tunis Hub) co-chaired the committee for the Arab Brain Trust in its first phase of establishement.


We ask members of our community of excellence at Beirut Institute to recommend up to 10 persons of all ages, personally known to them and believe are brilliant minds that have made a difference- or have the potential of making a difference- in the region and who contribute effectively to improved relations with the rest of the world.


The Arab Brain Trust is already comprised of many members. Our aim is to reach 400 members by the beginning of 2016.

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