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Beirut Institute has a number of Thematic Councils which focus on research based evidence and thinking.
Council on Aspirations
The Council on Aspirations will identify emerging priorities for young generations in the Arab region and their association with East and West
Council on Global Policy
The Council on Global Policy will assess relations between Arab and non-Arab nations, identify priorities, analyze options, and explore strategies to impact the Arab region’s place globally
Council on Governance
The Council on Governance will study the performance of national governments and provide recommendations for improving economic security and social welfare
Council on Education
The Council on Education will engage the public debate on effective education policies including illiteracy, universal access to education and education options
Council on Heritage
The Council on Heritage will identify policy options to protect the environment and safeguard national heritage without sacrificing economic liberties
Council on Innovation

The Council on innovation will promote and encourage inventiveness and innovation in arts and science and seeks to trigger change in mindset of investment policies from consumption to productivity.


Council on Women
The Council on Women will identify policy options for Arab women as agents of change and guardians of the multidimensional nature of the Arab region
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