Founder’s Message
Raghida Dergham
"We will repeal past patterns of submission & resignation & replace them with ambition & enthusiasm.”

Beirut Institute has now become an international brand as an independent non-partisan think tank for the Arab region with activities and events in multiple locations globally. This is a cutting-edge, forward-looking, solution-driven institute adamant at achieving sustainable impact on local and global policy. Beirut Institute is proud to serve as a catalyst for intergenerational, innovative, and solution-oriented thinking putting forward thoughtful policy options.

Designed as an Arab Brain Trust and a collective of expertise, Beirut Institute will provide a dynamic platform for enlightened thinkers to shape the debate and develop influential policy options and strategies. Its Thematic Councils include Global Policy, Governance, Innovation, Women, Youth Aspirations and Education to name a few.

I started developing Beirut Institute in 2010 because I was pained by the sense of resignation amongst even the brightest in the Arab region, young and old. Disillusionment with the present produced either nonchalance or complaint. Seven years later the need to step up and take the lead in shaping the future of the Arab region and its place in the world is more urgent than ever. Time has come to repeal past patterns of submission and resignation and replace them with ambition and enthusiasm to engage within ourselves and with the wider world.

Beirut Institute does not dwell on failures or handicaps. Our task is to think of innovative solutions to current challenges and to devise strategies for future opportunities. We will not simply settle in predictions; we instead take on the challenge of thinking thoroughly through options and means.

Collective brilliance and passion, coupled with persistence and resilience, can enhance the discourse towards moderation locally and place the diverse landscape in the Arab region on the map as effective and influential players globally.  Beirut Institute achieves this through strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions globally and has become a pivotal destination for those interested in transforming the Arab region and Arab relations with East and West.

As a critical thinker and communicator, I have brought my lifetime experience to building Beirut Institute with the help of brilliant firms and strategists who understood the value of such an important think tank. This project is our project together, without you and people like us, the aspirations of Beirut Institute cannot be sustainable.

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