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Beirut Institute is an Independent Non-Partisan Think Tank

Beirut Institute is an independent non-partisan, solution-oriented think tank for the Arab region. We are a catalyst for intergenerational, innovative, result-driven thinking relating to current and future world policy opportunities and challenges, conducting  high-quality independent analyses.

Beirut Institute provides an accessible, independent, all-inclusive platform for policy dialogue, discovering ways to enrich current relations with the East and the West. Those involved with the Beirut Institute will adopt a cutting edge approach to address current issues through reflection and public engagement.  With strategic goals and priorities in place, we report on policy and provide a forum on issues relating to the global community.

Incorporating a 40/40 approach, whereby 40% of Beirut Institute’s community will be under the age of 40, our master plan is to grow strategic partnerships and develop an international network of leaders.

Beirut Institute stimulates effective thinking, and is developing a global brain trust capable of producing unparalleled ideas for the future of the region, leading the agenda for reflection and debate around key policy options.

Our Beirut Institute Summit is designed as a collaborative initiative, proactively impacting policies for the Arab region. We convene a wide spectrum of global policy makers to reflect on the evolving relationship between the Arab region and the world, focusing on actionable policies and innovative solutions for the 2020s and decades beyond.

One of the key summit conversations, the high-level Policy Circle is going digital. Its unique design gauges the intellectual input of international leaders on transformations the region is undergoing.